At our March 18th event we chatted about the nature of people, and how our natural state is one of love . Our group discussion allowed everyone to share stories of when they have both received and performed an act of kindness.

After the event we received this beautiful message from one of our attendees Zoe.

So... I was waiting at my Bourke street tram stop and out of the 50 people at the tram stop, a woman came up to only me (maybe because I’m the only person reading a book and not on my phone?) and said, with the saddest, most sincere tone, “Hey I’m really struggling and I really hate to ask and feel so shit but is there any chance you could help me out?” I don’t usually give money to beggars (something mum has always instilled into me and I guess I’ve never questioned for myself), but this time - it just felt so different. I had a heap of gold coins and gave them to her and told her to stop apologising and not to feel awful for asking at all, instead of doing to usual nope sorry haven’t got anything response - and she was so taken aback when I asked if she was okay that she asked if she could give me a hug.

So of course I said yes and we had a massive hug and she thanked me in the most genuine way I have ever been thanked.

Feel like the Still Space gods somehow orchestrated that as some post evening test...

So - just wanted to say thank you for tonight - for facilitating a conversation I initially thought I was probably more a part of... the idea of kindness towards strangers. During the night I realised I’m nowhere near close enough to where I want to be... and after 15 minutes of leaving - a hug from a sincere stranger on a beautiful warm autumn night.

I feel that’s a good start.

All my love.