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Let us introduce you to Daniel Tucker aka the man behind the Spiritual Tradie Podcast (and also our own Still Space Panels!). In his podcasts Dan meets people from all walks of life but with one common purpose. Together they explore personal insights and the challenges, wisdom, and daily practices that have shaped and enhanced their lives. 

We all have a unique view of the world shaped by our individual, experiences growing up. Our own stories of triumph and tragedy that lead us to the perspectives and beliefs that we hold today. Some are clear, friendly and inclusive, yet some are protective mechanisms based on fear. They act like chains, preventing us from being vulnerable enough to truly connect deeply with ourselves and others; blinding us from serving our true purpose - generally understood as expressing fulfilment by bringing our highest human qualities and values into the world.

So how can we serve our purpose when our views and beliefs have been shaped by fear or pain from past experiences? How do we know which views are limiting us? How can we change what is holding us back? If our deepest, fear based, conditioning is locked away in subconscious, and in behaviour that we can’t even perceive, where do we even start? How do we find the key?

These are the questions that I wanted to find the answers to when I started to dabble in the “1 giant mind” meditation app about four years ago. I was becoming hyper aware of the disparity between ‘so called’ career success and the amount of happiness that came as a result. I watched as people with ‘success’ - money, celebrity, big houses and fast toys were the also the people starting wars and getting caught in scandals and corruption, ultimately filling the void with substance abuse or another darkness.

I was living the Australian dream. I had achieved the goals that previous generations had set as our societal benchmark for success, but within was the feeling that something was missing. I felt like there was an implied amount happiness I would have when I got ‘there’ but I was ‘there’ and instead felt a heaviness because now I would have to maintain this life. Realising this I started looking around at everyone else, noticing that they too seemed to be maintaining the dream or worse - struggling through it in a stressed filled existence. Could you cultivate a state of happiness or blissfulness that was independent of life circumstance?

I was becoming curious about the nature of happiness, what was it really? Who, if anyone, had it? It was becoming clear that configuring life circumstances the way society advertised didn’t produce any kind of lasting happiness as the fulfilment was always seemed short lived and depended upon achieving the next thing. Prompted, I began looking for living examples of happiness. The Dalai Lama and other embodied masters seemed to have this elusive state of blissful joy and importantly an equally abundant compassion for others - two attributes that now seem to be inseparable.

Would becoming like these people be relevant to my life? How could being more compassionate possibly be more beneficial than being a better competitor?

It was a pattern that I began to see through history - all the way back to the saints and sages in the times of early Christianity and beyond. I didn’t really understand what it would take to become an embodied master or what it would even be like to be one, but I did feel they were just people, and if there was a possibility that a deeper happiness existed it would be a worthy endeavour.

Would becoming like these people be relevant to my life? How could being more compassionate possibly be more beneficial than being a better competitor? And, what if these people were just tricksters - pretending to be kind and compassionate, saying all the right things to whoever is stupid enough to go along for the ride. I needed to know for myself.

So far, I’ve posed the questions I was having about our life purpose, the nature of happiness, and was faced with the usefulness and purpose of all this questioning. If you’re thinking it is about time I answer these with a cliché - you’d be right. All of my investigations, google searches and rabbit holes of spiritual wisdom kept pointing me to the concept that the answers come from within. That they come from direct contact with experience, and from that experience comes a higher understanding, and greater appreciation of the richness of life. This idea that there could be other states of consciousness to be experienced which are somehow hidden within me pushed my curiosity into overdrive.

In blogs and threads, I was reading about meditators having astral visions, out of body travels and other such ‘magic’. In my own meditations, I had been inconsistent and had high hopes but always felt like I was locked out from the magic. So, I made the decision to dedicate the necessary time to meditation. For 20 minutes, twice a day, I would use consistency to uncover whatever truths were locked up within me. I felt it was important to set this intention and practice for 5 years. If I was going to be alive, I may as well have enlightenment as a side project. 

It is almost 4 years on from setting that original intention, and I am here, writing the blog similar to the ones I had read that had inspired me to stick to a practice. My perspective of what life is and my role in it has been revolutionized by this daily practice and while I know that I could fill pages with stories of magical synchronicities, experiences of bliss or shifts in perception and lessons learned I have started to understand that all of those pages wouldn’t be of any value to anyone else but me. The one thing of value that I would like to offer to anyone reading this is the power of consistency. No matter what life threw at me over the last 4 years, no matter what crisis, heartbreak or deadline; no matter what party or social event or imagined lack of time I would always make time to get the meditation done. 

With this commitment a funny thing happens, not only do you get accumulative benefits of rest and relaxation but life then starts to shift exponentially and awareness comes into all areas of life. It’s crazy to think that we are all walking around, with an ocean of untapped potential within us, just locked up in chains disguised as our fears and conditioning. But there is good news! When we recognise that our potential is locked up we also acknowledge that we have the power to unlock our potential, and consistency is our KEY!