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  • No Vacancy 34-40 Jane Bell Lane Melbourne, VIC, 3000 Australia (map)


Exploring personal growth and the power of a human life

Join us for the final event of the year - an evening of exploring the fundamental qualities of being human and the value of self enquiry on our path to finding meaning and purpose.

In a modern world which is continually pulling us outside of ourselves asking questions about how we continue to experience our core nature and innate value is fundamental to understanding why so many of us feel disconnected.

Through guided mass meditation meditation, inspiring musical performance, and a powerful discussion with our local community, we will be exploring how we define ourselves.



Jonni Pollard

Jonni Pollard is a world-renowned meditation teacher who has studied how to unfold human potential for over 20 years in both the East and the West. Jonni is the co-founder of 1 Giant Mind, most well known for its free mobile app, which has taught more than 250,000 people how to meditate. In 2018, 1 Giant Mind launched its Meditation Teacher Training Academy, attracting students from around the world. As part of his commitment to making meditation accessible, Jonni hosts the 1 Giant Mind podcast where he answers questions from a live audience. He is also the author of The Golden Sequence: A Manual for Reclaiming Our Humanity, which is now on pre-sale through Benbella books and will be available for purchase on the night



Irene Ais

One of the original founders of Still Space, Irene has spent the last decade helping people thrive. As a Physiotherapist irene experienced the power of the mind on recovery in the physical body. Becoming a yoga teacher after physiotherapy, Irene co-founded OM people yoga. Irene teaches a holistic approach to wellbeing, with a deep passion for exploring our deepest awareness. She has taught 1000s of students about the power of awareness as the foundation to live our most meaningful and powerful lives.

Find her somewhere across the globe through @irene_ais.

Hayley Van Summeren

A single mother, Hayley is a herbal medicine student. Not so long ago, Hayley's life was defined by addiction and violence. But the birth of her son, Riley, prompted her to break that cycle. On the night, she’ll be sharing her story and the journey she has gone on to reclaim her humanity with the hope of cultivating a better life for Riley and herself.



Josh Blau

Josh has garnered quite a following in Melbourne where he is known for his energetic, transformative and inspiring yoga classes.

Josh’s passion is to guide people to a place where they can feel more connected to themselves. In this quest to facilitate a higher state of consciousness in his students, and to our Still Space Community. Josh’s personal mantra is fostering a deep connection to self as he believes when this occurs, we can begin to live life in a state of balance and flow.



Ornob Sheikh

Ornob is a curious human being and musician who will be supporting our guided meditation with his mesmerising sitar sounds. He has been invited back to Still Space after his moving performance at one of our events earlier in the year.


Julia Williams

Julia Williams is a passionate Music Therapist and Yoga Teacher, who connects with divine light to heal the masses on Mother Earth. Julia channels unique sound journeys through the electric harp, Indian singing bowls, Tibetan bells, Aboriginal clap sticks, Native American Navajo Flute, Afro-Brazilian djembe drumming, accompanying her ethereal voice singing ancient Sanskrit Mantras and channelled chanting. Experience relaxation, rebalancing, release and surrender as Julia guides you through a heart opening Music Therapy Meditation.

Experience a deeply balancing Music Therapy Meditation and gentle, nourishing Traditional Indian Tantric infused Yoga Asanas and Pranayama ~ Surrender into the sound journey with Julia Williams who will be joined by Jack Jensen in offering grounding, sacred sound healing vibrations through the ancient Aboriginal Didjeridu, Native American Navajo flute, Afro-Brazilian djembe drum, vocal overtones and Indian singing bowls. During the journey you may feel to lay down, close your eyes; immerse yourself in these organic sounds and vibrations.



Lana Scoville

Echoing the vast landscape, beauty and vulnerability of nature whilst exploring emotive and transient states of being, Lana's work takes on an introspective existence that plays with the unconscious mind as a means to unlock the power of imagination.

Her works span across many mediums including everyday materials "There’s a beauty to these ordinary objects, a wonderful sense of surprise when rediscovering the material, highlighting a texture that you may not have realised at first."

She hopes to highlight the beauty that can be found in mundane, rejected objects, stimulating a potentially enlightening, self-reflective experience that energises our relationship to our natural world, each other and ourselves.

"Working with recycled mundane materials is fascinating to me, how we can transform trash/waste and give it a new life stimulates my connection to the creative process and to the world around me.

Tamar Gordon

Local Melbourne artist Tamar Gordon- aka- Sublime Seoul is an emerging, multi-disciplinary creative currently studying her bachelor of Fine arts. For SublimeSeoul, her art is a surreal comfort embedded within the cathartic nature of abstract expressionism and creative intensity of line and colour.

Her practice was sparked through her discovery of the therapeutic, transformative and energetic powers of art from a young age. She effortlessly explores the transcendental possibilities as she dives into the depths of her subconscious to enter a state of no-mind. Her work is created beyond judgement, as doubt and ego fade, allowing her inner to prevail. Her experimental, performative art is an act of letting go, allowing her intuitive energy to unveil the unimaginable.


Alice Coates

Alice is a north side based illustrator with a penchant for fine liner pens and illustrating anything that happens to cross her path. She’ll be bringing her wonderfully surreal style to Still Space to graphic record the panel discussion. We can’t wait to see what she captures!




We are once again supported by our amazing sponsors

Service Lane


Remedy Kombucha


Citizen Cacao


Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Included in your ticket price will be a delicious Buddha Bowl prepped by the ASRC Catering team. A social enterprise, they employ Asylum Seekers as chefs and hospitality workers to provide them with initial entrance into the workforce. Delicious food, amazing cause, what more can you ask for from your dinner!


We are grateful to No Vacancy gallery for providing the venue for the night.




Saturday 1st December

6:30pm - 9:30pm

No Vacancy, QV, Melbourne CBD




Still Space is a not for profit event with proceeds going to support projects by local organisations.

This event will SELL OUT and early bird tickets are sure to fly or the door.

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