All photography kindly provided by Jared Chambers and Toshiki Tanaka

A community on a mission to expand our awareness


Our Mission

Still Space aims to become an alternative to drug and alcohol fulled social events bringing together a community of like-minded individuals through meditation, music, and discussion.

We are creating events where the pressure to be ‘doing’ is taken away and the support is there for you to just be. It is from this place that we are allowing people to explore deeper inside themselves and to then connect from this place with others.

Each event is supported by some amazing kindred spirits in the food community who provide nutritious meals, drinks, and treats for attendees. We are lucky enough and tremendously grateful to have Spiritual Nutrition, Remedy Drinks and Citizen Cacao on board as regular sponsors! We are also fortunate to have worked with Serotonin Eatery, Matcha Mylkbar and Calm and Stormy Water.



Authenticity - Connection - Wellbeing  - Community 

“The body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness.”
— Sakyong Mipham